About PAL

PT Papua Agro Lestari is a palm oil company incorporated in Indonesia and has obtained Cultivation Rights Number: 63/HGU/KEM-ATR/BPN/2016on an area of 20.662,09 Ha in Ulilin District, Merauke, Papua.

The company has a valid data on the total area with a Right to Cultivate as well as area already used for planting. The data is updated periodically. PT Papua Agro Lestari has a total land area of 20,662 ha and the planted area of 3,604 ha. We don’t have any peat land in our concessions. Our concession is not located on peatland so data collection on peatland as the planting area is not needed.

All of processed palm oil in every plant in the company comes from company-owned plantation and does not come from outside suppliers.

Along with the economic development in Papua, PT Agro Lestari is present to help improving the standard of living of the local community by absorbing the local labors significantly. Located in the border of Indonesia-Papua New Guinea, the company will directly contribute to the development in the border area.

Palm oil plantation development has been one of the effective ways to develop the economy and infrastructure in remote areas, because it can drive the economy quickly and sustainably. The company already has a sustainability team. PT Papua Agro Lestari does not forget about their responsibility to the environment with reference to the regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 11 of 2015 concerning ISPO.

Ultimately, the a good relationship among all parties, between the company, the local community, and the government has been very important to the development of the palm oil plantation of PT Papua Agro Lestari, as well as the representative on the border of the Republic of Indonesia.

The company has a commitment to “No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation” policy which has been running and is clearly stated.